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Low Angle Shot In Operating Room of Two Surgeons During the Surgery Procedure Bending Over Patient with Instruments. Professional Doctors in Modern Hospital stock photo

Unicorn technology
requires unicorn talents.

About Us

Magnisity is developing a cutting-edge surgical guidance platform, designed to overcome some of the toughest challenges in minimally invasive medicine. We are empowering surgeons to go beyond what is humanly possible and set the future standards of endoluminal interventions.

To do this, we are inventing algorithms, designing hardware, developing software, crafting precise mechanics and creating beautiful engineering.

Join us.

Join us

Magnisity Leadership

Co-Founder & CEO

Benny has 20 years of experience in developing multi-disciplinary medical devices, and another 10 years in robotics engineering. Led large teams through the development of various multi-modality intra-body navigation systems, from concept to commercialization.

Created some of the industry de-facto standards in Navigational Bronchoscopy.

Benny Greenburg

Ron Barak

Co-Founder & CTO

Ron is a technology prodigy, with 20 years of experience in Software, Hardware and Algorithm development and over 10 years in the medical field. Led research and development of a variety of technologies and domains.

He is the inventor of breakthrough lung navigation technologies, among other innovations. 

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